6 LGBT Film Festivals coming up in May

In the past every few months we’ve listed a few upcoming LGBT Pride events coming up in a specific month but this time we thought we’d do something a little different and add a little culture to the party with a compilation of LGBT film festivals taking place around the world in May. These LGBT film festivals sometimes focus more on gay and lesbian films, but some more so on the trans* community, while others are more broad across the spectrum of sexuality. So check these ones that we’ve picked out for you below:

Outview: International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Athens

From the 15th-25th May in the beautiful ancient city of Athens, the Greek capital, the Outview Festival will take place. While it mostly features local films portraying the Greek world of LGBT people, there are some from other European countries included too.

Check out our accommodation in Athens here.

Out Takes Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in Auckland

Out Takes is one of New Zealand’s most established film festivals and one of very few queer cultural events that has a national profile among New Zealand’s diverse queer communities. The festival showcases films from New Zealand and around the world and plays to a vast range of LGBT communities. It travel through three of New Zealand’s major cities Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, stopping at the former from 22nd May to 2nd June.

Check out our accommodation in Auckland here.

XPOSED International Queer Film Festival in Berlin

Now in its 9th year, Berlin’s premier LGBT film festival XPOSED is dedicating its focus to films from the Nordic countries. Each year it takes LGBT films from certain parts of the country to show at the festival and this year numerous diverse works from Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have been selected and will be unleashed from 29th May until 1st June upon the Berlin audience.

Check out our accommodation in Berlin here.

LiberCine – Festival Internacional de Cine sobre Diversidad Sexual y Genero de Argentina in Buenos Aires

From the 15th-21st May one of South America’s most popular gay travel destinations will be hosting its LGBT film festival. LiberCine showcases various films from and about the queer community that not only come from Argentina but other neighbouring South American countries, Spain and other parts of the world too.

Check out our accommodation in Buenos Aires here.

Inside Out LGBT Film Festival in Toronto

This year the LGBT world’s eyes will be on Toronto as it hosts World Pride 2014 in late June, but before that its annual Inside Out LGBT film festival will take place from 22nd May to 1st June. For more than 20 years, Inside Out has brought Toronto’s LGBT community together in celebration of the best queer film from Canada and around the world.

Check out our accommodation in Toronto here.

Translations: The Transgender Film Festival in Seattle

Translations is a groundbreaking film festival that provides the Pacific Northwest with a venue for films by, for, and about transgender people and the issues facing the transgender community. Launched in 2006, Translations is one of only a few transgender film festivals in the world, and places emphasis on visibility and positive representations.

Check out our accommodation in Seattle here.

City Spotlight: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is widely known as one of Europe’s – and the world’s – most tolerant countries, particularly when it comes to sexuality, sex and of course most controversially, drugs. However, while that may create the idea that it is a dirty, seedy place in some people’s minds, in reality it isn’t – it’s vibrant, diverse and actually a clean and friendly city. So why travel to Amsterdam? What attracts hundreds of thousands of LGBT travellers to the city every year? Here we’ll tell you why.

In 2009, Amsterdam became one of the first ever cities to open a separate tourist office for LGBT travellers called “Pink Point” cementing itself as an open and gay-friendly travel destination. It is situated next to the Homomonuent (a rather fitting name and place) – a memorial that opened in 1987 to commemorate the gay men and lesbians as well as bisexuals who have been persecuted because of their sexuality – and is staffed by friendly and knowledgable volunteers with a wide range of information and flyers from local organisations, and has one of the best selections of queer souvenirs and gifts in the country.

The Netherlands as a whole has a big reputation as one of the world’s most progressive countries in regards to LGBT rights. Same-sex sexual activity has been legal since 1811 and it was of course the first country to legalise same-sex marriage in 2001. Amsterdam, like most capital cities however, is where the highest number of LGBT people are living and why wouldn’t they with around 100 bars, clubs, shops, saunas, hotels and restaurants that are gay-owned or gay-friendly? There isn’t really one specific gay area in Amsterdam, but rather everywhere is very integrated and it is all dotted around the city, including Rembrandtplein square, Requliersdwarsstraat, along Amstel, Warmoesstraat and near the infamous red-light district.

As well as the Homomonuent, other notable places to visit for sightseeing in Amsterdam include the world famous Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, the 17th Century network and canals that meander through the city, the Defence Line of Amsterdam (both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and dare we say, for those who aren’t into traditional culture and history – the city’s many cannabis “coffee shops”, which attract nearly 4 million international visitors alone every year. There are also six other museums in the country’s top 15 that are located in Amsterdam.

Some of the city’s most notable LGBT events in the year include a gay and lesbian film festival Roze Filmdagen takes place every March, a TranScreen festival in May and the Gay & Lesbian Summer Festival, which also shows films, is in July.  Amsterdam Gay Pride starts on the last week of July (26th) and carries on till the first weekend of August (3rd), which is undeniably the city’s biggest gay event on the calendar, though for those who are into something a little different there is also the Fetish Pride from 29th May to 1st June and Leather Pride takes place from 23rd-26th October. There is also the Milkshake Festival – a very popular event that isn’t about milkshakes, but rather dance and club music, turning the city into one huge dancehall. It is attended by everyone and anyone and not restricted to or aimed at one particular group of people, so the LGBT and straight communities can come together and celebrate their love of music.

We currently have over 70 properties in Amsterdam ranging from spare guest rooms in people’s apartments or houses, whole properties and rooms in guesthouses and B&Bs – and the vast majority of our hosts are gay or lesbian or LGBT-friendly and situated within or around the city centre. Or if you have a spare room or a property you want to let out to visitors in Amsterdam, you can sign up and become a host here.

Gay Homestays’ top 14 favourite but obscure LGBT musicians

If we were to ask you to name some of the world’s most popular out LGBT musicians, the first names that would pop into your head would probably be the likes of Freddie Mercury, Elton John, George Michael, Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin, Melissa Etheridge, k.d. lang, Tegan & Sara, Jessie J and Lady Gaga, right? But what about the lesser-known artists or those who have kept their sexuality more private and under the radar? Here are some of Gay Homestays’ favourite LGBT musicians who are perhaps not as famous for their sexuality as they are for their careers or discographies that we think you should take a listen to:

Bessie Smith

“Empress of the Blues” Bessie Smith was married but both she and her husband were known to have affairs – and she allegedly did so with both men and women. However, she never publicly announced her sexuality but bear in mind this was during a time when such ideas about LGBT people – particularly from the black community – were not condoned.


Dusty Springfield

Soul and blues singer Dusty Springfield helped change the face (and sound) of these genres as one of few white artists to record this kind of music, especially being British and female. She was openly bisexual, a risk she took at the time when LGBT people in the media and in the public eye were frowned upon.



Though married to handsome actor Josh Duhamel and being a Catholic who says she attends church regularly, Black Eyed Peas singer and rapper Fergie came out as bisexual in 2009.


Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s statement of having once been in love with a man was a landmark in the history of hip hop music, being the first out LGBT person from this industry – or at least the first to admit he has been in love with a person of the same sex (even though he says it was unrequited).


Janis Joplin

Soulful rocker Janis Joplin was known to have dated both men and women even though she never officially came out as bisexual. Joplin was one of the most influential female soul, blues and rock artists of all time.


Johnny Mathis

In 1982, legendary crooner Johnny Mathis allegedly came out as gay saying “homosexuality is a way of life that I’ve grown accustomed to” though this statement was later retracted. Since then he has rarely talked about the subject but has said he had to stop due to death threats and so has kept his personal life as hidden as possible from the public eye.


Kele Okereke

Lead singer of British indie rock band Bloc Party Kele Okereke came out as gay in 2010 but has not discussed his sexuality or private life much since then, admitting he is extremely shy and dislikes being interviewed.


Ma Rainey

Like Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey – “the Mother of the Blues” – was involved with women during a hard time for LGBT people, but unlike Bessie, Ma was unafraid of making sure people knew about it in her songs.


Patrick Wolf

English singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf is openly gay and well-known among the British LGBT community, but outside of it and the UK he seems to have yet received credit we believe he deserves. Since his début in 2003 he has released six critically-acclaimed albums.


Queen LAtifah

Though she is not officially out, rumours always seemed to have pointed to actress, singer, rapper and TV personality Queen Latifah as a lesbian so we believe she deserves a place on this list. Latifah was one of the biggest and most influential female rappers of the late 80s and throughout the 90s but has proven to be multi-talented as a singer and actress as well – as she showed us in “Chicago” as Matron “Mama” Morton.


Sam Sparro

Another well-known name among the LGBT community, Australian artist Sam Sparro has been praised by critics but has not yet hit the big time on a mainstream level, though his first single “Black and Gold” did peak at No.2 in the UK.


Steve Grand

American country-pop singer-songwriter and former model Steve Grand hit headlines in 2013 when his song “All-American Boy” went viral on YouTube. It is an autobiographical song that immediately cemented him as the music industry’s potentially next big openly gay star, despite not being signed to a label. He has since released two more singles and has been raising money via public donations to record his début album.



Dubbed as an “honorary” Queen of Disco in the 1970s, Sylvester enjoyed a successful career in the US on the dance charts throughout the disco era and through to the 80s, and his flamboyant nature and outrageous outfits certainly fitted well with the genre. He was famously out and proud but is perhaps a little less well-known compared to many other “disco divas” or other LGBT musicians who were around at the time.


Tracy Chapman

Like Queen Latifah, Tracy Chapman’s sexuality has never been confirmed but the singer-songwriter did openly date writer Alice Walker in the 90s, though details of her private life since then have not been in the spotlight.


Travel In Style: Shorts

With spring just round the corner and summer coming soon too, it’s never too early to start looking at and stocking up on shorts, whether you’re staying at home or going away on holiday. Here are a select few types of shorts we’ve picked out that would make perfect additions to your travel and holiday wardrobes (or for whatever other purpose you may have for wearing them) – whether they are the same or similar in style by a different brand or from a different shop:

Denim shorts

Vintage faded denim Bermuda shorts from Zara (£29.99)

Jody framed studded denim hot pants from Boohoo.com (£15)

Chino shorts

Ted Baker Bagend chino shorts by Ted Baker from House of Fraser (£69)

Superdry commodity chino shorts (£34.99)

Gym shorts/Sweat pants

Cheap Monday James shorts from ASOS (£20)

Nike Gym vintage women’s shorts (£22)

Swim/beach shorts

Active trunk by Andrew Christian from Amazon.co.uk (£16.49)

Billabong Cacy 19 board shorts from Surfdome.co.uk (£13.99)

Coloured cotton shorts

Light blue bird print shorts from River Island (£30)

MOTO gingham boxer shorts from Topshop (£30)

Cargo pants

Denim & Supply classic cargo shorts from Ralph Lauren (£55)

(Faux) leather shorts

French Connection Albany faux leather shorts from John Lewis (£45)

6 LGBT events coming up in March

As winter draws to a close (well, technically, though in many countries it’s still rather cold), many places around the world are already getting ready for this year’s host of LGBT events that are dotted throughout the next 12 months. While most of them will take place in the summer months, some will also be in spring.  So here are six LGBT events coming up in March that we think you should check out if you have the chance or are travelling to any of these places:

PrideFest South Florida - Fort Lauderdale (1st-2nd March)

PrideFest South Florida is the annual celebration and tribute to the LGBT community and its unique culture that takes place in Fort Lauderdale over the first weekend of March.

We currently have 23 properties in Fort Lauderdale.

Winter Party – Miami (5th-10th March)

In neighbouring Miami, the Winter Party Festival (ironic name since it’ always hot there) is a week-long celebration of social and cultural events that benefit the LGBT community that culminates with The Beach Party, attended by over 4,500 visitors in South Beach and the entire festival attracts 10,000 global travellers.

We currently have 19 properties in Miami.

Maspalomas Carnival – Gran Canaria (7th-16th March)

The Maspalomas Carnival is an annual event that takes place at the Yumbo Center, the city’s gay area, so while it is a mixed festival, it is mainly dominated by LGBT people having fun in true carnival style.

We currently have 27 properties in Gran Canaria.

Bear Pride – Amsterdam (20th-23rd March)

Amsterdam Bear Pride celebrates its first event this year and is set to be one of the highlights in the global Bear Pride calendar. Amsterdam is already well-known for its bustling gay community and open mind towards LGBT issues and so the “bear” population will certainly enjoy themselves here.

We currently have 72 properties in Amsterdam.

The Black Party – New York (22nd March)

New York’s “Black Party” has been internationally recognised as “The Ultimate Fetish, Fag Blowout” and has built its legendary reputation on the intense sexual energy of its “strange live acts,” state-of-the-art lighting and production design and cutting-edge musical artistry.

We currently have 79 properties in New York.

LA Fetish Pride – Los Angeles (23rd-30th March)

Los Angeles Leather Pride is a week-long festival of leather and fetish events catering to this niche but large community and includes the famous Mr Leather competition.

We currently have 8 properties in Los Angeles.

Chinese New Year: Our Gay Homestays in South and Far East Asia

The Chinese New Year of the Horse is upon us, so we thought we’d celebrate this huge international festival that is recognised by a third of the world’s population with a rundown of some of the Gay Homestays we have available in the top countries by their Chinese populations. Unfortunately we are yet to have any hosts in mainland China or Hong Kong, but here are the others we have in south and far east Asia:


Of the approximate 23.5 million people living in Taiwan, it is estimated that 98% of them are of Chinese ethnicity. Taiwan celebrate Chinese New Year in a similar way to China – a two-week long holiday full of nationwide festivities. Taiwan is also one of the most liberal of all far east Asian countries when it comes to LGBT rights.

We currently have 2 properties in Taipei, Taiwan.


According to the latest statistics, there are nearly 9.5 million Chinese people in Thailand, making it home to the largest overseas Chinese community and also the oldest, most prominent, and well integrated overseas Chinese community in the world, though the majority of them consider themselves to be Thai. Thailand is very well-known for its open attitude towards the LGBT community.

We currently have 20 properties throughout Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.


Indonesia’s Chinese population of almost 9 million accounts for around 3-4% of the country’s total, and like the Thai Chinese, many also identify as being Indonesian more so than Chinese, which is a very different attitude to neighbouring Malaysia.

We currently have 7 properties in Bali and Seminyak, Indonesia.


Malaysia’s Chinese population is the largest ethnic minority group in the country and the largest percentage of Chinese people compared to its total population, with around ¼ of the Malaysia’s 28.5 million identifying as Chinese. Compared to the more Buddhist Thailand and Indonesia – which has no official religion but where Islam is the most common with 88% of the population practising it – Islamic Malaysia is quite liberal in celebrating Chinese New Year and embracing its multicultural society. However, Malaysian-Chinese prefer to be identified separately, unlike in Thailand and Indonesia.

We currently have 20 properties in Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.


Singapore has the second largest number of Chinese people outside of China behind Taiwan – 75% of its population are of full or partial Chinese descent and Chinese New Year is celebrated there just as much as it is in China and Taiwan.

We currently have 1 property in Singapore.


Around 2 million people of the Philippines’ overall population of 99 million are Chinese and while this is a very small percentage of them, they are known to be proud of their ethnic heritage even though they are very well integrated into the rest of Filipino society, which makes an interesting difference to those living in Thailand and Indonesia.

We currently have 3 properties in the Philippines, including Manila.

If you have a spare room in your apartment or house or a whole property or guesthouse room to rent out to travellers anywhere in Asia or the world, you can sign up as a host with Gay Homestays here and start earning money and meeting new people! To see our list of ten cities to visit in China, click here.

We at Gay Homestays would like to wish you all a Happy, Lucky and Prosperous Chinese New Year, whether you celebrate it or not!

What our guests have to say about their hosts and Gay Homestays

Gay Homestays has built itself a great reputation within the global LGBT community, especially in the gay travel accommodation market. Below are select few testimonials from satisfied guests who have stayed with some of our top hosts around the world and had positive experiences using Gay Homestays as a source for gay accommodation so you can see for yourself:

CARL1/1 in Rome

“I’ve used the Gay Homestays services a few times during the last months, and I should say that it’s been great. I’ve felt like home in every place I’ve been, including this one. And will never hesitate in using it again. Carlos”

CRUG1/1 in London

“Gil is an exceptionally kind, considerate and thoughtful host who is never short of a friendly smile and positive conversation. The bed was very comfortable and there was plenty of storage for my clothing. This was my first experience of using Gay Homestays and meeting Gil has ensured that it won’t be my last! James”

THOF1/1 in Barcelona

“I had the pleasure of staying at this apartment in Barcelona with my partner who was celebrating his 40th Birthday.  The host was very welcoming and was extremely organised. The location is ideal for being in the middle of the gay areas. This was our first stay in somebody’s home through Gay Homestays and I must say we were pleasantly surprised.  I would very happily stay here again and would happily recommend Francois and his home to anyone planning a short stay in Barcelona. Well worth a visit. Thank you :) Shane”

PAPN1/1 in New York

“Our stay with Nicolas was most memorable. He is an absolutely gracious host who spared no effort in making sure that we were comfortable. The apartment is superb and we felt very special to share it with Nicolas. Thank you also to Gay Homestays for taking care of our booking so efficiently. Merlin”

OZBM1/5 in Istanbul

“It was my first time using Gay Homestays and I was hesitant but it turned to be a great place, great hospitality and the best thing, a very friendly host. I am definitely recommending this lovely place :) Chai”

COPC1/2 in Devon

This was the first time we’d used Gay Homestays to book a short break, so didn’t know what to expect. We needn’t have worried - all was professionally organised and our host Christopher was very welcoming and helpful and we were made to feel as if this were part of our home too! Didn’t use the heated jacuzzi but were free to do so if we wished.

Lovelly garden in a location tucked away and so very peaceful with ample parking and yet only about 5-10 mins walk to or from the town centre and with a slightly longer walk to the train station, we went to Exeter by train very easy and cheaper than paying for the parking there!

Great location is you want to explore East Devon, Dorset, Somerset or a quick trip down to the coast. Would definately stay here again.  Simon & Ian”

PHIB1/1 in Paris

“My partner and I just got back from a trip to Paris. It was the second time we used the services of Gay Homestays. We stayed with Philippe in Paris, for three days. It was a great experience and a more wonderful person and host is difficult to find. We will definitely continue to use Gay Homestays for our trips. Peter”

RODJ1/2 in Valencia

“This was my first time using Gay Homestays and I was very impressed from the start. My accommodation in Valencia was fantastic- very central, clean and tidy, and with a friendly host who gave me info on local gay bars (all nearby), beaches, etc. He was professional in manner and left me to my own accord.

The room has a lovely balcony overlooking the street with a nice bar on the corner nearby where I ate in the evenings. It was so hot during my stay in Valencia the good quality fan secured to the wall helped circulate the air without making a constant noise. There is a TV in the room for those who want it with many TV and radio channels. I would definitely recommend this accommodation. Daniel”

HILB1/1 in Manchester

“Staying with Brian was a wonderful experience. He is a gr8 guy. His apartment was in a building similar to one you would find in Tribeca in NYC. The place was beautiful and very convenient. I would definitely stay with him again if I should return to Manchester. This was my first experience with Gay Homestays and I will certainly use this again to find a place to stay. Jack”

ROMC1/2 in Gran Canaria

“My partner and I stayed with Marcial and Roman last week on our first trip to Gran Canaria. We liked the idea of staying with a local couple instead of a normal hotel and also liked the the look of the property from the website.

When we arrived, our hosts could not have more welcoming. Our room was perfect. The bathroom was also great. The rest of the house and garden were even better than the photos showed and Roman and Marcial encouraged us to make ourselves at home which we did straight away. They made us feel so at home that we felt like we staying with friends for the week.

As we hadn’t been to the island before, they gave us good advice about what to see and do as we wanted to see some of the island as well as the beaches and the Yumbo Centre!

Breakfast was laid out for every morning which including fresh homemade bread and a variety of pastries each day as well as fruit, cereal, yoghurt etc.
The dogs Moro and Tamo were also very welcoming and very cute. We would highly recommend this homestay and hope to return ourselves in the future.
Stuart & Andy”

Gay Homestays’ top 5 favourite Christmas songs by divas

It’s that festive time of the year, so we at Gay Homestays thought we’d compile a quick list of 5 of our favourite takes on great Christmas songs by some of the world’s biggest and divas. Do you agree with our list of Christmas songs and divas that we’ve chosen?

1) Whitney Houston – “Joy to the World”


Whitney recorded this gospel classic for the soundtrack to “The Preacher’s Wife” in 1996, a lovely holiday film, and included it on her Christmas album “One Wish: The Holiday Album” in 2003. Her vocals are crazy and her energy is boundless, a brilliant and uplifting song, even if you’re not religious.

2) Christina Aguilera – “Merry Christmas, Baby”


Christina is very heavily influenced by jazz, blues and soul music and on her version of “Merry Christmas, Baby” with Dr. John on piano shows that to its fullest. Her voice is rich, warm and soulful – perfect for singing the blues and this Christmas song, which she recorded for her 2000 “My Kind of Christmas” album.

3) Mariah Carey – “O Holy Night”


Mariah’s “Merry Christmas” album from 1994 is the biggest-selling Christmas album of all time and her version of “O Holy Night” was universally praised for its climactic arrangement and her multi-octave vocals for which she is famous.

4) Céline Dion – “These Are the Special Times”


“These Are Special Times” is Céline’s Christmas album from 1998, another of the world’s biggest-selling and the title track, written by Diane Warren, is a heartwarming song that Céline sings beautifully. “These Are the Special Times” has gone on to be one of the most popular contemporary Christmas songs of all time.

5) Kelly Clarkson – “Blue Christmas”


Kelly only released her Christmas album “Wrapped in Red” this year and her version of “Blue Christmas”, which was popularised by Elvis Presley in 1964, is great and really harks back to her country roots. The song itself is also one of the  most famous Christmas songs, particularly in the blues and country genres.

Let us know your thoughts on these Christmas songs below and the Gay Homestays team would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And for our multilingual or non-native speakers – or for those interested in learning another language – check out our guide to wishing people holiday cheer here.

City Spotlight: Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, known as the “Venice of America” for its expansive and intricate canal system, is one of the principal and biggest cities in Florida and one of the United States’ most popular holiday destinations, with around 11 million visitors each year – including more than a million LGBT travellers. Every year it usually features on lists of top or best gay travel destinations in the US or around the world for its ideal location in the southeast coast of the States, for its gay-friendly attitude and a big LGBT community and area with more than 150 gay-owned or gay-focused businesses. It also has a Convention and Visitors Bureau, which spends considerable amounts of money collating resources and marketing specifically to the gay community.

Situated along the southeast coast – meaning it is very warm or hot all year round, Fort Lauderdale is of course, well-known for its host of beaches (7 miles worth of them) – many which are frequented predominantly by gay and bisexual men, though the girls love them too. The most popular is Sebastian Street Beach and there is also the infamous nude Haulover Beach. Around 10 minutes away is Fort Lauderdale’s neighbouring city, the smaller Wilton Manors while Miami is just half an hour away, where there are more beaches and a just as thriving LGBT community and gay nightlife. If you’re up for a longer journey then Tampa and Orlando are about 3 and a half hours away to the north, as of course Lake Buena Vista – better known as Walt Disney World Resort – is. Further down south is the little island of Key West, a further 3 hours or so away.

Fort Lauderdale’s Gay Pride (also known as Pride or PrideFest South Florida) event is one of the oldest in the world and is currently in its 37th year and in 2014 it will take place on the first weekend of March (1st-2nd). Miami Gay Beach Pride will be on 11th-13th April. Both Fort Lauderdale and Miami have Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals – Fort Lauderdale’s 6th annual festival will be hosted from 9th-12th October and Miami’s (in its 16th year) will be from 25th April to 4th May 2014. Other LGBT events in these areas include White Party Week, Winter Party and Sizzle in Miami. For full listings of Fort Lauderdale and Miami’s gay areas, check out GayCities for more information. Unfortunately though, despite Florida being seen as one of America’s most gay-friendly states, it has to legalise gay marriage but we hope in the future it will follow suit.

If you’re going to Fort Lauderdale or around this area and are looking for a place to stay, then why not check out our LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly accommodations? We currently have 15 properties available in Fort Lauderdale, 3 in neighbouring Wilton Manors and 13 in nearby Miami. Or if you’re someone who has a spare room in your property or a whole place you want to rent out to travellers, then you can sign up as a host here and add your accommodation, start making money and meeting new people.

Gay Homestays’ favourite Equal Marriage images

With the great recent news that Hawaii will become the 15th US state to legalise gay marriage and Vietnam will officially recognise same-sex unions, we at Gay Homestays have picked out a few of our favourite images and memes that incorporate the now world known Equal Marriage symbol. Some of them are very creative and interesting! Which ones do you like?

This one controversially shows the Statue of Liberty and Lady Justice embracing, which has been a popular one throughout the US, particularly in New York.

This is a brilliant take on Disney’s “The Lion King”, with Rafiki holding up the equal marriage sign to the rainbow-clouded sky in place of Simba.

It has long been under discussion and speculation as to whether Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie were a gay couple and this equal marriage image famously plays on that idea.

Some people probably don’t associate Peppermint Patty and Marcie from the show “Peanuts” as being gay or a lesbian couple but there have been a few interpretations of that idea, including this equal marriage meme.

Even the infamous Grumpy Cat supports equal marriage!

C-3PO and R2-D2, two robots from Star Wars, have commonly been parodied as a gay couple (or at least gay friends).

Yoda, also from Star Wars, is wiser than you think…

Does Smirnoff really support equal marriage or is it all for business and a better reputation? Well, whatever the reason, we still like this ad.

Yes, we know they’re brothers but here’s Mario and Luigi “supporting” equal marriage.

This is a lovely artist’s interpretation of equal marriage, using “X-Men” superhero characters Northstar and Kyle’s gay wedding as inspiration.