Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

Steve’s trip to Bali

You might have noticed by now that we’re mad about travelling. Any chance we get we hop off in search of an adventure. Steve from Gay Homestays went to Bali last week, and had some amazing experiences.

Bali is an Indonesian island, between two others called Java and Lombok. It is famed for its beautiful beaches and is a popular tourist location. There are tourist spots all over the island, but mostly located in the south.

Steve stayed in Ubud, which is a small bohemian town located in the centre of the island, quite far away from the popular tourist spots and busy beaches. The town is full of arty types – dancing, music, sculpture, metalwork and painting are all popular. Below is a typical side street in Ubud, with the decorations from a Hindu festival still hanging form a couple of weeks before.

Bali is surrounded by coral reefs, and very hot as it is only 8 degrees away from the equator. It is home to 280 species of birds, and until recently also the leopard and the Bali tiger. The wildlife is still thriving despite the recent surge in tourists. Ubud is famous for its monkey forest where you can walk amongst the monkeys and take bananas in with you –  if you’re brave enough!

If you like sun, art, music, culture and wildlife, Bali is the place to go!