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Gay Homestays promo vid: the making of

The Gay Homestays team is proud to announce the release of our first ever promo video, which can now be seen on YouTube in both standard and HD format. We love the idea of helping people to travel and meet new people around the world so wanted to find an alternative way to spread the word about our product and service. Set and filmed entirely in Barcelona, our destination with the highest number of hosts, the video will hopefully increase interest in, and knowledge of the Gay Homestays brand and continue to create a presence across a variety of different multimedia platforms.


Prior to filming two members of the team took on the responsibility for writing the script while CEO Dave Chambers hired the help of a professional video production company, based in Leyland, to film and edit the video. Dave had lived in Barcelona for a few years where he ran his own B&B – and where the inspiration for Gay Homestays came from – so was familiar with the area and locations, as were other team members who are based in the gorgeous Spanish city, and he wanted to take on the challenge of directing and producing the video.

A team of six, including gay German model Jan who plays the main role in the video, set off to Barcelona on 18th August to begin their 3-day shoot. They booked into a hotel near Placa Cataluya, which is in central Barcelona, and bonded immediately, making the shoot a fun and exciting experience.

Miramar Café


Two of our very own hosts gave permission for us to film in their properties; we used Paul’s accommodation for the bedroom and lounge scene and Paul kindly volunteered to appear in the video, playing himself and Mario, who is also a professional masseur allowed us to film the massage scene in his studio at his apartment. In all, there were 13 scenes shot in 10 different locations around Barcelona. For example, the ‘restaurant scene’ was filmed at the famous Miramar Café (pictured above) in Mountjuic, with its breathtaking vistas and the sweeping panorama scene was filmed early morning at the Guadi inspired, Park Güell. Unfortunately the sunrise we were hoping for was cloudy and hazy, so an orange hue was added during post-production.  On the first day of filming, many of the shots were done outside and around the city, while the second day consisted of shooting in the apartments. Finally, the office and beach scenes were filmed on the third and last day.

Park Güell


On return to Manchester, Dave commissioned a friend of his, Neil, who is a film and TV actor, to provide the voiceover for the video. Dave also chose the calm piano music to accompany the video to give it a relaxed vibe. The voiceover was done in a recording studio owned by Martin, brother to comedian Steve Coogan, who was the lead singer of indie rock band The Mock Turtles, who had success in the early 1990s. Their biggest hit was “Can You Dig It?” released in 1991.

Please let us know what you think of the video and don’t forget to like, share and comment on it as well – all feedback is welcome!