Liverpool gay scene guide

Liverpool is sometimes overshadowed by nearby Manchester as a hub of gay nightlife, but it is actually Britain’s fourth most populous city (above Manchester), North England’s largest and is home to an estimated 100,000 LGBT people – more than Manchester and the equivalent of San Francisco. So why is Liverpool’s gay scene a must-visit area? Below we’ll tell you why and list a few of the city’s best and most prominent bars and clubs for you to go to if you ever visit there.

The area surrounding Stanley Street in Liverpool is the city’s gay quarter and Britain’s only official one (recognised by the city council in 2011, while areas such as Manchester’s Canal Street have yet to be made official) and is where a large number of bars, clubs, shops, saunas and restaurants are found. As well as Stanley Street, the area also encompasses¬†Cumberland, Victoria and Eberle Street, and others. There are a whole host of different bars and clubs to choose from for a good night out in Liverpool for a range of different ages, genders, sexualities, preferences and budgets and some of the most popular are: Heaven (a large club open all night), GBar (an old Church-themed late night bar), SuperstarBoudoir, “Girls Go Down” – Liverpool’s premier lesbian night that takes place on the last Saturday of every month down Parr Street, the “fabulously camp” Pink bar (and yes, the colour-scheme matches the name), The Curzon – Liverpool’s oldest gay bar that still hasn’t lost its touch and Garlands – a huge and glamourous club with several rooms.

Others include Navy Bar – popular for their male and female go-go dancers and strippers, the small but friendly Masquerade, Bar Wicked and The Lisbon, a small and traditional pub. For food, many of the bars and pubs serve food for most of the day and evening but there are also some great restaurants around too, such as 3345 along Parr Street and Puschka on Rodney Street, both of which are gay-owned. Casa Italia and The Living Room (also a cocktail lounge) are also popular venues.

Of course Liverpool’s gay Pride is one of the city’s top events of the year and is held on the first weekend of August and attracts up to 75,000 attendees and spectators, but there is also one of Europe’s largest LGBT culture festival, “Homoptopia“, which takes place every¬†November and features a mixture of theatre, dance, film, photography, art, cabaret and debate at numerous venues across Liverpool and in other European cities, though some activities and events are held throughout the year too.

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