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Here is a list of some great gay travel blogs that we like. Want to be featured? Simply comment below with your name and URL!


Engineer on the Road

Engineer graduate Josh has been a global traveller since during his studies at university and now travels the world working as a field service engineer so that he can feed his travelling addiction and work at the same time.

Travels of Adam

Adam, a “hipster travel blogger” and graphic designer quit his job in Boston in 2010 to travel the world after a trip to Iceland changed his life and made him want to do it. And he hasn’t looked back since. He also has another blog which focuses on LGBT travel side called My Gay Travel Guide.

A More Quiet Place

Italian-born Federico moved to Berlin to work in online marketing and since then has written a blog all about his life there and his travelling experiences around Germany.

Carlos Melia

Carlos Melia has over 30 years experience of travelling and working in the travel industry: he is a travel agent, luxury travel curator, blogger, wedding planner and also does public relations and marketing – making him one of the world’s leading LGBT travel bloggers. Oh, and he was Mr Gay International in 2008 as well!

Globetrotter Girls

German-American lesbian couple Dani and Jess have been together since 2006 and have shared their travelling life and experiences for many years. They set off on their globetrotting in January 2010 and since then haven’t stopped. On top travelling and doing their blog they have also written articles, books and done podcasts.

Adventures with Ben

Orlando-based Ben describes himself as someone who is normal very adventurous or daring, yet over the years he has overcome those fears to do a range of extraordinary things such as skydive, eat bugs and walk with lions, and in his blog tells us what exciting adventures or crazy, strange things he’s done.

Backpack with Brock

In 2009 Brock left his home in rural Canada to travel for a year. Now he has been to 36 countries across 6 continents and still has many more places to go on his bucket list. He also does regular video-blogs (“vlogs”).

That Gay Backpacker

David is a backpacker who travels much of Asia (he first left his hometown of London to go to Bangkok) but has also been to South America and parts of Europe and he documents his life with a notable focus on the LGBT aspect of travelling and the places he visits.

Waegook Tom

Tom moved to South Korea in 2009 to teach English to children and last year started his around the world trip. He has already visited several countries in Europe, USA and Canada, Colombia, Turkey and Malaysia and is now currently in Taiwan.

Two Bad Tourists

David and Auston are a young gay couple who travel the world together and have done since they made their first move from Chicago to California. They have now been to places in Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, southeast and far-east Asia and also Africa. They also do a lot of things on the cheap to prove to others that travelling and being a tourist does not have to cost a lot of money.

Dream Euro Trip

DJ is a seasoned traveller who has been to pretty much every country in Europe (hence the name of the blog) and not only does he write about all his adventures but he also helps others plan their own trips in Europe, giving them tips on where to go, what to do and gives them an idea of how much it could cost them.

Flashpack at Forty

Having already travelled together for 20 years, married British couple Craig and John show no signs of stopping yet. In 2011 they started the world trip in Australia and have since been to several other countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and southeast and far-east Asia. “Flashpacking” is a term they coined to explain to others who perhaps may have thought they were approaching a mid-life crisis.


In over 2 and a half years, New York architect Norbert has been to an impressive 83 countries. His goal is to visit all 192 UN listed countries by 2020, so the fact that it’s only 2014 and he’s nearly half way means he’s doing pretty well!

Man on the Lam

Raymond loves doing very strange and crazy things around the world as he travels and some of feats include snorkelling with sharks, climbing volcanos, scuba diving and being a gardener in Israel.

Quirky Travel Guy

A founding member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, Scott left his job in 2009 to travel across the US in a mission to visit all 50 states, which he has done. He has blogged about each one on his site, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico that he has also been to and is now one of the web’s most popular travel blogs that focuses almost solely on North America.

The Vagaybonds

Chris and Jim are a couple based in the USA who have travelled to over 57 countries and lived in 8 of them, with many more they wish to visit. As they travel they meet many other LGBT people – locals and travellers, sharing experiences and adventures with them.

Southwest Compass

The American southwest is a vast and interesting part of the United States and lesbian couple Lane (an artist) and Juliet (a writer) decided to travel this area and beyond – covering 24,000 miles of roadway and blogging about America’s natural beauty in the process.

The Modern Nomad

Swedish-born Gustav describes himself as nomad – wandering the world with no fixed address. He regularly blogs about his extensive travels in the form of written posts, photos and vlogs.

Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures

Aaron’s thirst for travel started at a young age; inspired by his late grandmother to start travelling and continue to do so after her passing, Aaron had already been to a large number of places before even starting his blog, including the Amazon Rainforest, the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. He started his main trip in Thailand and has since been to several countries in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Indefinite Adventure

Sam and Zab are a British couple who have been together for nearly 9 years but it wasn’t until January 2013 when they set off on their extraordinary world trip. Being vegetarians and eco-friendly, their blog focuses a lot on great food for their lifestyle and suitable places to visit and stay. They have so far travelled through much of Latin America and many countries in Europe with a whole lot more to see and no fixed end date.

The Sojourner

Alain is gay travel blogger who has journeyed around the world and put it all on his blog. He’s done some things and been to many places that are usually not included in the average traveller’s itinerary, such as cave exploring in Trinidad, visiting Petra in Jordan, seeing frozen Niagara Falls and travelling through inner Mongolia on horseback.

Nomadic Boys

Nomadic Boys are travel bloggers Stefan and Sebastien documenting their travel stories and food discoveries they encountered since we left London in June 2014.

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